Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant can’t seem to leave each other’s sides!  The best friends and business partners have been spotted all over town including Friday night when the duo went to Madeo’s restaurant for dinner.

The handsome duo looked dashing while out in West Hollywood with Keanu dressing extra for the night.

The Saint Laurent model looked gorgeous in a dark sports coat, grey pullover sweater, charcoal jeans, and of course, his favorite brown lace-up boots.

Alexandra was in a magnificent mood looking beautiful in a dark charcoal denim jacket, black ruffled dress, and black ballerina slippers.

The close friends were color matching and seem to be getting closer by the day.

Keanu Reeves Steps Out with Alexandra Grant for Dinner at Mastro’s

The business partners have publishing house X Artists’ Books and been spending a lot of time together since Memorial Day.

The spokesmodel for Saint Laurent brought his bestie along for the once-in-a-lifetime fashion catwalk that was placed smack in the middle of Malibu beach, next to some killer cliffs.

Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ After Bringing Alexandra Grant to Saint Laurent Show

Keanu is in a good place in his career right now—he’s having a surge in popularity and even being called everyone’s internet boyfriend since he’s so freaking likable.

Who can forget that time he was a real-life gentleman and offered his seat to a lady with a large bag on the subway? Can he get any more perfect!

Probably the most endearing thing about the actor is that he doesn’t think he’s as awesome as everybody else does.

When he was informed at the Toy Story 4 premiere that he had been dubbed the ‘internets boyfriend’, the down-to-earth actor said, “I’ve been what?!”, and continued with, “that’s whacky!”, but in true Keanu fashion said, “well the positivity is great!’.


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