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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have the first official event ahead of their second wedding with Nick Jonas, Priyanka, and Kevin Jonas at Château de Tourreau.


The famous couple is getting married at the XVIIIth Century Château and rented out the whole place for family and friends to enjoy their wedding.

Joe and Sophie made the move to the historic castle yesterday before welcoming Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle Jonas with their kids Valentina and Alena.

The oldest Jonas was welcomed with open arms by his sister-in-law Priyanka who was dressed in a white cotton dress and large hoop earrings.

Kevin arrived to glasses of Rosé and smiles as he finally joined the wedding party and ready for wedding festivities with the rest of his family.

Later, Sophie and Joe joined their guests at the lavish grounds as they walked with friends sipping on white wine and walking with a personal butler.

Sophie dressed in a white tee that read ‘we should all be feminist’, off white trousers, and white pointy heels while Joe dressed in a maroon polo shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers to welcome their family and friends.

The gorgeous pair were offered delicate gourmet appetizers which the two seemed happy to partake and looked delighted at the offerings.

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The fancy affair is a far cry from the first wedding where they eloped in Las Vegas after attending the Billboard Awards and got married at the Little White Chapel in front of an Elvis Presley impersonator which was broadcasted by Diplo for the world to see.

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They promised to have a more private affair the second time around but their plan was derailed when Dr. Phil accidentally let the cat out of the bag and told the world they were getting married this weekend.

Nick and Priyanka have been with Joe and Sophie throughout the week in Paris as they have been enjoying festivities for their upcoming nuptials including taking a boat ride down the Seine River with Wilmer Valderrama while smoking cigars.

For cocktail hour, Nick wore a blue Hawaiian print button-up shirt with matching shorts and white sneakers while his wife wore a simple black maxi dress with hoop earrings.

Joe and Sophie have gone all out for their French wedding by renting out the French historic landmark for their second nuptials.

The grounds are absolutely breathtaking with a lavish pool area, walking English gardens, and beautiful courtyards with fountains.


The 18th-century mansion boasts 9 bedrooms and 9 baths, a private library, a game room, and even has its own chapel.

The small chapel could be where Joe and Sophie will be having their private ceremony for their wedding since it provides plenty of privacy and has 18th-century charm.

Sophie changed into something more comfortable after finishing cocktails and Hors d’oeuvre with her closest peeps and was spotted wearing a bathrobe and looking extremely happy.

The Game of Thrones actress was surrounded by the hotel staff who seemed eager to please her and husband any way they could like providing wet towels and Rosé at their beck and call for their intimate time at the French castle.

Nick and Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Priyaka and Wilmer Valderrama in Paris Ahead of Wedding