Ryan Gosling looks sexy at Little Dom’s restaurant, 15 years after playing Noah on The Notebook next to Rachel McAdams.

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The handsome actor had swagger as he exited the restaurant in Los Feliz sporting his favorite  Apollo navy cap, vintage pinstripe shirt, faded black jeans, and brown lace-up boots.


Gosling doesn’t look a year older than he did when he was in the cult classic and people fell in love with him and his dashing good looks.

He’s gone to do other memorable films like Blue Valentine and La La Land, where he won Best Actor, but its the love affair between himself and McAdams on screen and off screen that has captivated audiences the most.

As hot as the love affair between Ryan and Rachel was, the chemistry sizzled out in 2007 when everyone’s dream couple called it quits.


He went to have daughter’s Esmeralda and Amada with Eva Mendes and Rachel has a son with screenwriter Jamie Linden.

Ryan Gosling Charms Esmeralda and Amada After Its Revealed they Speak ‘Spanglish’

There’s one thing Ryan kept from The Notebook era and that’s the swagger Noah carried with him even in plain street clothes.

The actor is busy nowadays with being the perfect dad to Esmeralda, 4, and Amada, 3, and is often seen around town with his adorable daughters taking them to classes or buying them ice-cream.

He has no film projects in the works but meanwhile, here’s a deleted scene from The Notebook to help ease the pain.

Ryan Gosling and daughter Esmeralda Make the Cutest Pair!