Kendall Jenner takes a summer vacation in a tiny yellow bikini with several friends after being spotted with rumored new love NBA player Kyle Kuzma.

The beautiful model was pictured taking a dip in shallow waters with a friend as she enjoyed her vacation overseas after taking a yacht cruise with Kuzma on the 4th of July.

Jenner and her rumored boyfriend Kyle Kuzma took a trip alongside the Malibu coastline aboard a yacht named Marbella, where the two were pictured doing funny poses and spending some time alone.  The two were later seen that evening leaving a house party also attended by Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Kendall was spotted with friends taking sexy snaps for social and was seen sticking her tongue out as her model friends did sultry poses.

At one point, Kendall and her bosom buddies were seen surrounding a male friend and seemed to be trying to build a pyramid in which he was the base.

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The slender reality star looked flawless as she sat on a chaise overlooking the ocean as she applied sunscreen and sipped on a drink that looked like Rosé.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looked toned and trim as she walked in the busy beach as she headed to grab a boat ride with her pals.

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She kept close to a male friend as they took a boat out to take a swim in the sea in Mykonos.

The sexy duo was seen jumping off the boat while laughing hysterically before splashing into the water.

Jenner looked sensational as she climbed steps to get back on her boat with several guys ready to give her a helping hand.

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The athletic reality star posted a video of herself doing the Bottle Cap Challenge and aced it when she was able to unscrew the cap with her long legs while riding a jet ski.

She was last hooked up to model Luka Sabbat after breaking up with long-time boyfriend Ben Simmons.

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