Billie Eilish debuted her new lime-green roots after ditching her signature blue hair while arriving at LAX after performing in Wisconsin.

The fashion-forward star arrived in Los Angeles after changing her signature look which she has revealed in the past she actually ‘hates’.

The musician wore her bright new hairdo in matching buns and sported a black graphic hoodie, lime-green graphic cropped sweatpants and lime-green sneakers.

Billie revealed to Buzzfeed that her signature blue hair happened by accident and blue also happens to be her least favorite color.

‘Here’s what’s annoying: I hate the color blue — it’s my least favorite color. I don’t know how I ended up dying it blue’.

‘I remember I just lived with it for a while and then I realized that I was somebody with colored hair — I didn’t clock that. I had blue hair but I didn’t think I was someone with blue hair. I just thought I had blue hair and that’s me. Then I realized when people walk by me, they were probably like, “Oh, she has blue hair.” You know, as you do when you see somebody with colored hair’.

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The moody singer posted a photo of her new wild hairdo wearing Prada sunglasses, Freak City LA lime-green shirt, and Sita chained hoop earrings sending teen’s across the country into a frenzy and to their local hair salon to copy her fresh lewk.

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