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Jared Leto takes a break from his Monolith Tour with band Thirty Seconds to Mars to enjoy two blissful days with friends in Lake Como, Italy.

The singer was spotted dining al fresco at Villa D’Este with a mystery blonde and a couple of friends while taking a short break and before hitting his next gig at the Musilac Festival.

The musician and the blonde sat next to each other as they sat around chatting at one of George Clooney and Amal Clooney‘s favorite spots in Lake Como.

Jared seemed at ease with his pretty lady friend who was laughing along with whatever was being said and left with her after eating.

The Morbius actor was wearing a baby blue button-up shirt with ‘Thirty Seconds to F#%KING Mars‘ tee, floral shorts, and black sneakers.  He accessorized with an oversized straw hat and aviator sunglasses.

Heartthrob Jared Leto Sporting Serious Ice

He was spotted walking with his mystery pal to a boat nearby after dining at the chic outdoor restaurant. She was wearing a white tee, floral midi skirt, and white sneakers.

The two were seen getting onboard a wood boat and joined their friends who were already waiting for them inside the vessel.

If you are interested in catching Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds to Mars in Europe — check out his schedule below.

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