Chris Hemsworth looks dashing after attending Comic-Con 2019 and announcing Natalie Portman will star with him in Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

The handsome Australian was spotted grabbing dinner at Mason restaurant in Santa Monica after having attended the Comic Convention in San Diego.

Chris was wearing a light blue linen shirt, blue cuffed jeans, and white Adidas sneakers as he walked back to his car after dinner.

The 35-year-old actor and Thor 4 director Taika Waititi welcomed back Natalie Portman to the franchise during the Comic-Con panel for the Marvel film.

Natalie will return to the film as Jane Foster and will become Thor alongside Hemsworth who will remain the male version. A bit confusing? We will explain.

Natalie’s character (Jane Foster) eventually becomes female Thor in the original comic books and joins Chris (Thor) to fight off evil forces.

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After the big announcement was made, the internet went haywire with the apparent confusion and anger about Natalie being announced as Thor.

However, the reception for Natalie becoming female Thor was overall positive, with many jumping up and down with joy.

While others reminded everyone that Natalie becoming Thor was part of the storyline all along:

Twitter user @Scroobiuspipyo said, ‘Hey people mad about Natalie Portman being cast as Thor (both those that don’t want a female Thor & those that want a different woman cast) … She hasn’t been cast as Thor!  She was cast long ago as Jane Foster.  Jane Foster becomes Thor (in the comics).  That’s how the story goes’.

As far as Hemsworth is concerned, he is excited to start working on the film as he told his 36.9M followers – ‘So excited to announce #thorloveandthunder⚡️⚡️????? can’t wait to get crackin on this one, gonna be one hell of a ride’.

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