Jim Carrey and Frank Langella attend an odd funeral on the set of the Showtime series Kidding being shot aboard a WW2 ship in Los Angeles.

During the scene, Jeff Pickles (Carrey) pushes a large wooden barrel being used as a casked overboard the SS Lane Victory.

The large vessel is an American Victory-class cargo ship used in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War.

The seasoned actor was photographed having a lively conversation as he stayed out of sweltering California sun with the help of an assistant who held an umbrella up to shield him.

The funnyman was seen walking around the set wearing a blue blazer, white button-down shirt, burgundy pants, ombre lime-green socks, and black shoes.

He was joined by co-star Frank Langella who was spotted alongside him on the historic ship and was wearing a dark business suit for the scene.

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The dark comedy centers around the life of Jeff Pickles — a famous children’s TV personality whose life begins to unravel as his family falls apart.

Jim Carrey talked about the inspiration for Mr. Pickles being Mr. Rogers on Jimmy Kimmel Live saying, “Mr. Rogers would come out on a show like this, and he would be so absolutely authentic, you can’t find the irony, there’s nothing you can hold up to him to make fun of him because he’s just so sincere”

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