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Ashton Irwin and girlfriend Kaitlin Blaisdell grab lunch in Studio City after 5 Seconds of Summer is sued for allegedly plagiarizing hit single Youngblood.

The low-key couple spent the day together, first getting drinks at Alfred Coffee, and after grabbing lunch at Joan’s on Third.


The 5SOS singer-songwriter wore a yellow baseball cap, a black long-sleeve shirt, black shorts, and black trainers for his outing with his girlfriend.

Kaitlin looked chic sporting a Harley Davidson cropped top, high waist light denim jeans, and patent leather shoes.

Ashton and his bandmates are being sued by Hungarian artists David Henderson, David Toth, and Peter Ferencz who filed a claim alleging the band plagiarized their song ‘White Shadows‘ in their hit single ‘Youngblood‘.

5SOS Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood Grab a Bite After Youngblood Hits 1 Billion Streams

In a statement from White Shadows LLC’s lawyers Davidson Sheenthe Hungarian group alleges — “The substantial similarity between Youngblood and White Shadows is readily apparent, and is so striking that it could not be the result of mere coincidence,” said the legal document.

“The first melodic phrase of Youngblood is virtually identical to the melodic phrase from White Shadows, and the phrases are repeated four times in each respective song. It is clear that 5 Seconds Of Summer had access, means, and motive to appropriate the melodic phrase of White Shadows, and we firmly believe that any listener who hears both songs will notice the substantial similarities.”

When listening to both songs you can certainly here a similarity but that didn’t make 5SOS fans deter from their favorite band and in fact, began the comedic hashtag #5sosisgoingtojailparty.

If you haven’t had a chance to do the comparison yourself, here is 5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood:

Here is White Shadow by Henderson David who is suing 5SOS:

The first rift of White Shadow is eerily similar to Youngblood, and what’s more the music video was published on November 2016 — more than a year before Youngblood was released in August 2018.

The band has not released an official statement regarding the similarities in the songs but it seems their hardcore fans are sticking by them no matter what.

5SOS Ashton Irwin and Kaitlin Blaisdell Are Sweet As Sugar & Spice