Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prove to be thrill-seekers after they are pictured scaling a slippery cliff and jumping off into the ocean in Mallorca, Spain.

The daring couple, whose enjoying a vacay in Spain, climbed up the rocky cliff after leaving their superyacht for a day excursion to see the best view of the island.


Katy made sure to catch her footing as she carefully climbed with her actor fiancé just a few steps behind her.

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The Roar singer took her shoes off and was spotted making her way to the cliff’s edge to take the daring plunge.

She was wearing a polka-dot one-piece bathing suit and looked in complete vacation mode with no make-up on and her blonde hair down while carrying a bottle of Voss water nestled in her bosom.

The singer worth an estimated $300 Million jumped off the high rocky cliff without thinking twice and plunged into the deep blue sea.

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During their excursion to the top, Orlando took a moment to stop and adjust his orange shorts and later revealed a nasty gash he got during the treacherous climb.

The actor shared his scrape on social saying — ‘the best view comes after the hardest climb’.

During the Instagram post, he also asked fans to help him decipher a written stone he found at the top of the cliff which turned out to be in the dialect of Catalan people.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor inquired, ‘if anyone can translate the last photo pls leave in the comments I’d love to know what it says’.

His fans were quick to respond with @aricosbos saying, ‘This text is written in a dialect of Catalan spoken in the Balearic Islands’, and sharing the stone appears to be dedicated to Enric Alajarin Mestre and might have been placed on the rocky cliff to honor his memory.

The actor seemed in high spirits after their epic adventure in spite of getting injured and was wearing a bandage around his injured ankle.

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