Dakota Johnson takes a chopper to film scenes on Catalina Island for ‘Covers‘ with her mom Melanie Griffith amidst breakup rumors with Chris Martin.

The 29-year actress sported a light denim pinstripe jumper and Gucci sneakers as she boarded a helicopter to be transported to a different location of the island to continue filming.

Dakota and Melanie were seen waiting to board the chopper with a couple of men in tow who appeared to be security.

The actress is keeping herself busy with work after it’s been reported that longtime boyfriend Chris Martin and she have called it quits after disagreeing about starting a family.

The Fifty Shades of Grey actress was busy filming all day on the small island for the Rom-Com that also stars Bill Pullman, Ice Cube, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

She was casually dressed for her scene wearing a grey tee, blue jeans, and a grey hoodie tied around her shoulders.

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Johnson was seen getting her straightening her hair with the help of the film crew as mom Melanie watched from the sidelines drinking out of a cold bottle of water.

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Dakota and Bill Pulman were pictured inside a golf cart for one of the scenes while coming to a sudden stop as Bill rides shotgun and the actress takes the driver seat.

We spotted Dakota and Chris Martin back in April taking a barefoot walk around their neighborhood, and there didn’t seem to be any problems in paradise then, however, the couple was only spotted one other time — fueling splitsville rumors further.

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