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Justin Bieber tried to carry a heavy load and ended up paying a price when he accidentally fumbled and dropped his $1,300 Off-White Air Jordan kicks.

The pop star arrived at a studio with his hands full carrying an over-stuffed Supreme red duffle bag, several articles of clothing, and the coveted Air Jordan 1‘s when the load proved to be too much for Bieber and he watched his prized possession drop and bounce off the pavement.

Justin looked bummed at the mishap but quickly picked up his designer sneakers and continued on his path.

It’s been reported that he and his wife Hailey Bieber are finally planning their wedding for friends and family around the same time they got hitched last year which is Sept. 13.

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TMZ is reporting the two are ready to celebrate their wedding and anniversary after having a tough first year of marriage where Bieber publicly admitted he was suffering from a deep depression.

Justin Bieber – Flushed and Teary-Eyed After Therapy

The couple sought out therapy and Hailey stood by her husband as he went through an array of emotions while he was figuring out himself.

The singer has expressed his gratitude toward his wife, recently gushing about her with a social post — ‘I fall more in love with you every single day.  You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  I would be lost without you. #wifeappreciationday’.

Hailey had her own gushing confession for her husband of nearly a year in a post she did in July — ‘1 year ago I said yes to being your best friend for life, and today I have never loved you more.. life get more beautiful everyday because of you, my heart belongs to you forever.  Here’s to learning and growing together.. ♥️?’.

It looks like Hailey and Justin are pulling through their first year of marriage and we can’t wait to see what their wedding party will be like.

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