Joe Keery and Maika Monroe go shopping at Sandro’s in Beverly Hills after he debuts bowl haircut and the internet about loses its mind.

Joe and Maika were spotted having a shopping spree at the high-end Parisian store and were laughing as they left carrying several shopping bags.

Maika wore a cropped button-up shirt and cut-off denim shorts with kitten flats and YSL crossover purse while Keery sported an Adidas baseball cap, black tee, brown trousers, white socks, and black oxfords.


The actor best known for playing Steve Harrington in Stranger Things and having a luscious mullet had his fans questioning his sanity when he recently went for a haircut that was less than flattering.

Hollywood Reporter writer Chris Gardner shared the actor’s new look on September 13th and people’s response was less than thrilled with a flurry of funny memes to follow.

Thankfully everyone can take a sigh of relief since the actor got the point and is letting his hair grow out again to its former glory.