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Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer touch down at CDG airport to attend Paris Fashion Week and look completely exhausted from their travels.

The Stranger Things real-life couple looked ready to leave the international airport — with Charlie rolling a cigarette as they walked towards the exit with the help of an assistant pushing their luggage.

The actor looked a bit disheveled sporting messy hair, graphic black hoodie, blue pants, and white sneakers.

He was followed by his 22-year-old girlfriend who opted to go more incognito for her arrival wearing a NY baseball cap and dark shades while inside the airport.

The actress wore a gray blazer paired with an oversized black sweatshirt, oversized sweat shorts, and white Nike sneakers.

Heaton was seen making his way to the exit to light up his hand-rolled cigarette after the long flight from the USA to Paris.

Meanwhile, Natalia was pictured waiting inside and looking exhausted as she sat down staring at the ceiling.

She recently opened up about her role as Nancy Wheeler on Stranger Things to Today and revealed one of the best parts of filming the sci-fi show happened in Season 3 when they got to run around an abandoned hospital and act out their worst fears.

As fun as it all was, she also said it was one of the most challenging shoots since it involved a lot of special effects.  She told Today — ‘some of the most challenging things to shoot are the ones that involve CGI — when you’re thinking that this big thing is going to be there but you don’t know what it’s really going to look like, it’s a challenge!’.

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer Exit the Miu Miu Party

The celebrity couple often coordinates their red-carpet looks and are considered one of the most fashionable pairs in Hollywood — so we can’t wait to see what they have in store for Paris Fashion Week.


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