A makeup-free Zoe Saldana and her son go shopping at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills after starring in Alicia Key‘s music video Show Me Love.

The Avenger’s actress pushed her shopping cart as one of her twin boys held on while munching on a cookie after their grocery run.

She was wearing a grey crewneck sweater, white tee, dark grey sweatpants, and yellow sneakers as her son wore his log hair in a top-knot, button-up shirt, dark grey vest, black leggings, and gray boots.

The actress’s complexion looked flawless without any makeup on as she pushed a cart full of groceries which included several flower bouquets.

The 41-year-old starred in Alicia Key’s newest music video Show Me Love with her husband Marco Perego Saldana that has been revered as ‘nothing short of an explosive, artistic treat’ by BET.

The music video is supposed to be a ‘visual sonic experience’ as Zoe, Michael B. Jordan, Alicia Keys, and Migos are shot in slow-motion in a beautifully choreographed modern dance to show the ups and down’s of love.

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