SPOILER ALERT: Sofia Vergara sports a baby bump as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett while chowing on birthday cake onset of the last season of Modern Family in Los Angeles.


The actress was photographed taking huge bites from a chocolate cake wearing a form-fitting butterfly print dress while filming with her co-star and son on the show Rico Rodriguez.

It’s Already Christmas for the Cast of “Modern Family”

She was seen going over her script with the film crew and looked pretty happy at what she was reading before sporting the prosthetic baby bump.

Julie Bowen, who plays Claire Dunphy, was cheerful as she arrived wearing a cashmere sweater, blue jeans, and grey suede espadrilles as she worked on a crosswalk puzzle.

The cast got together for an emotional interview with ABC News to talk about the 11th and final season of the show that addressed what it’s like to have a modern family in the 21st century including a gay couple who adopt a Vietnamese daughter.

In the interview, Vergara talked about her inspiration behind her saucy character, saying — “I always wanted to play Gloria in a way that reminded me of the woman that I used to live with in Colombia — I lived half of my life in South America.  So that wasn’t very hard for me to know how to play her.”

‘Modern Family’ Films Their Halloween Special in LA

The Colombian beauty was also asked — “did it feel like it was the right time to call it quits?”, which she quickly replied, “No!  I don’t understand why we can’t go like Law & Order – that we can keep going on and on and on.  I don’t understand it.”

Sofia Vergara On Set of Final Season of ‘Modern Family’