Joaquin Phoenix arriving at karate class in Los Angeles after hitting a parked paramedics truck in West Hollywood and confessing to the accident.

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The Joker actor showed up ready for class in white gee and barefoot wearing his long hair down while sporting dark sunglasses.

He’s enjoying a huge surge in fame after playing DC‘s Joker to critical acclaim and fans flocking to see his compassionate portrayal Gotham’s most notorious villain to a cool $350 Million — to put it in perspective, A Star is Born brought in $44.2 Million on its opening weekend the same week last year.

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Joaquin changed out of his white gi when he exited the dojo sporting a black tee still wearing his gi bottoms carrying his jacket, a pair of black sweatpants, and a mason jar.

He had a recent accident with his Tesla and a parked paramedics truck when he took a right turn into a parking lot and accidentally clipped it in WeHo, says TMZ.

However, it was no big deal because he found the paramedics who were on call and exchanged insurance information with them and filled a damage report, walking away without any citations.

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The same day he was pictured with his fiancĂ©e Rooney Mara and some friends in a parking lot in West Hollywood and seemed to be in a great mood but it’s unclear if it was pre-accident or after.

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