JoJo Siwa takes out her newly tricked out Tesla X plastered with her famous mug after returning from her first tour and revealing her remodeled bedroom.

The internet sensation was characteristically cheerful wearing her hair up in a ponytail with one of her signature bows, a star-studded jacket, hot pink top, black track pants, and hight top blue, pink and black sneakers.

The teen arrived at the famous Hollywood hotspot with her mom Jessalyn Siwa driving her unique vehicle herself as her mother rode shotgun.

The singer just wrapped the first leg of her D.R.E.A.M Tour and loves plastering her famous mug on everything she can think of — so it was a matter of time before her Tesla X ($81,000) got the royal treatment.

JoJo Siwa Puts the Justin Bieber Drama Behind Her

She already owns a convertible BMW that’s been plastered with her face thanks to her parents who gave it to her as a Christmas gift last year.

She just gave her 10.3 Million YouTube subscribers a glimpse at her colorful life showing off her remodeled room including a chalkboard wall, cubies filled with snacks, and loads of JoJo Siwa merch including a comforter with her face on her new rainbow bed.

She raved about the comforter saying, “I have a comforter with my face on it — you guys know that I love my face on things, which is why I just put my face all over my Tesla, which I am obsessed with!”.

The teen sensation is every little girl’s obsession and retailers like Target, Kohls, and JC Penny have taken notice and are doing exclusive lines with her.

Her popularity is so high that she makes an estimated $9K a day on her YouTube channel and that’s not to mention all the cash she’s getting from her exclusive clothing lines and the ticket sales for her D.R.E.A.M tour — in all, she’s worth an estimated $10 Million at just 16-years-old.

If you’re not impressed yet, she’s become a pop culture phenomenon with many believing that Miley Cyrus based her character Ashley O from Netflix‘s Black Mirror on her.

JoJo Siwa is Poppin’ in her One-of-a-Kind Tesla in Los Angeles