Keanu Reeves left bystanders surprised when he decided to go for an early morning swim and accidentally exposed his derriérre while drying off in Malibu Beach.

The actor started off his day with a chilly early morning swim after appearing to have returned from one of his long solo bike trips and decided to take a dip before finishing his journey home to West Hollywood.

Reeves was seen changing out of his wet clothes on the public beach with just a towel to cover him when it accidentally dropped too low and gave a glimpse of his booty.

A surfer at the beach in Malibu who spotted Keanu said: “It was 7:45 am and I did not expect to see Keanu Reeves’ butt!”— the actor, however, didn’t appear fazed with his exposed derriére and just continued to dry himself and changed into a black jacket, black denim pants, and his favorite brown riding boots.

The Bill & Ted 3 star looked to be in tune with mother nature — stopping to do sun salutations after his brisk swim.

Keanu was spotted alone on the scenic beach while stopping to take a snap of his ARCH motorcycle on his knees before hopping on and taking a cruise on the famed Pacific Coast Highway.

Tom Hanks referred to the beloved actor during a Q&A after receiving Cecil B. deMille Award and being asked how he’s remained so likable — “It’s not an agenda, there’s no strategy to it,” said Hanks, 63. “I worked briefly with Keanu [Reeves], he has a wonderful answer to this question: ‘How is it to be so well regarded?’ He says ‘Well it’s preferable to the alternative,’ which is true.”

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