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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have 2-hour meeting with Scooter Braun in his office in Santa Monica after Yummy single release.

The Canadian singer and his wifey were spotted arriving around 2:30 pm and according to our sources stayed there for at least two hours leaving the office around 4:30 pm.

Justin had a pep in his step when he arrived at the office building wearing a black beanie, khaki button-up shirt, Drew frayed long-sleeve shirt, Drew denim jeans, Dior backpack, and black sneakers.

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Hailey wore a fashionable Alexander Wang embroidered brown coat ($1995), black turtleneck, black shiny pants, and black combat boots and was sporting square wide frame sunglasses and black crocodile YSL shoulder bag.

Scooter walked the pair out before going on his way as his client looked worn after a long 2-hour meeting in preparation for his upcoming tour.

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His newest hit Yummy shot up to #2 on the Billboard Top 100 thanks to Justin’s beliebers who have been busy playing the song even while they are sleeping so he can hit #1 — talk about a dedicated fandom!

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