Hilary Duff and kids Luca Cruz Comrie and Banks Violet Bair pose for a family photoshoot in the Hollywood Hills and we simply can’t get enough!

Hilary and her son looked picture perfect as the duo posed while he got a piggyback ride from his mom as the sun was shining on their face.

The Younger actress was seen with her mom Susan Colleen Duff as she carried baby Banks who looked sweet in plaid, yellow knit stocking, and blue booties while she wore a floral blouse, light denim jeans, and burgundy boots.

The hands-on mom was seen tending after her kids as she gave them a sip of water from reusable bottles in between shooting.

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She’s been busy filming the long-anticipated return of Lizzie McGuire which is making its comeback on Disney+.

The 32-year-old actress shared a sneak peek of Lizzie McGuire‘s living room alongside her TV family while holding her script smiling ear-to-ear.


In an interview she did with Access Hollywood and former host Nancy O’Dell, she talked about being the beloved character and cutting ties with Disney — “I love Lizzie McGuire. That’s my character. That’s my girl. What was really cool about the show is that everyone goes through that stage of life feeling uncomfortable with themselves and not really knowing who they are, trying to fit in, trying to find out who you want to be, where you want to be”, she said.

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The last time she played Lizzie McGuire she was just a 15-year-old when she decided to call it quits on the massively successful show to pursue her singing career.

“You had a very successful run going with Lizzie McGuire and then you broke away from Disney. What happened?”, O’Dell asked.

Hilary answered:  “It’s funny because I never, like, broke away. It wasn’t like I’m leaving, I’m gone, I’m done. It was never like that. All Disney Channel picks their television shows up for is 65 episodes. We did 65 episodes and we did the ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie’ in Rome and it was exciting. But things just didn’t work out for the second one. They kind of put it out there that it was all about the money, why we weren’t going to make a sequel and it really wasn’t about that.”

Unfortunately, production for the show came to a sudden halt in January after Disney+ announced creator Terri Minsky cut ties with the show sending fans into overdrive about their disappointment the show will not be the same.

A twitter user commented on the unexpected change — “the problem with this is that .. Terri Minsky is the reason Lizzie was …. different from other Disney channel shows at the time, just like she did with Andi Mack.  Who is gonna replicate that same feeling if they find a new showrunner”.

So far, no word yet on who will be replacing the show’s creator, but Disney released the following statement — “Fans have a sentiment attachment to Lizzie McGuire and high expectations for a new series,” a representative for the company said. “After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show.”

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