Ethan Suplee surprised the world when he showed off his drastic 200 pound weight loss and now he’s showing off his impressive gains while out in L.A.

The My Name is Earl star looked ripped in a black tee, blue jogger pants, and Adidas sneakers after hitting the gym.

He talked about his drastic weight loss journey from 550 pounds to 265 pounds on his American Glutton podcast addressing his ‘complicated relationship with food’ and how he managed to lose all that weight.

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The actor addressed how he became a binge eater from the age of 5 after being placed on a diet by his grandparents and later as a teenager hiding food from his buddies after a night of partying.

“I actually realized later in life that much of my binge eating came on my own. When I was a teenager I would go out to a nightclub with my friends, and never really felt comfortable eating in front of people, but on my way home I’d always find a 24 hour drive-through and eat three whole meals right before bed.”

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Ethan changed the way he thinks about food — he now sees it as a fuel source instead of a form to entertain or soothe himself and hits the gym religiously six times per week.

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“I try very hard to, in this moment, to think about food as an energy source and I think about how many calories I am going to eat every day… It’s a whole new way of thinking about food.”

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