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Justin Bieber flaunts his tattooed abs during a trip to The Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood after the debut of his YouTube special.


The 25-year-old pop star looked confident as he stood on the doorway of his favorite workout studio flaunting his tattoo collection and showing the results of his intense workouts.  He sported a backward cap, Calvin Klein underwear, tan shorts, white tube socks, and white sneakers as he stared into the horizon licking his lips.

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Justin is returning to the platform that made him famous by releasing a YouTube docuseries where he lets fans in on his whirlwind life and his road to success.

During the first episode, the Canadian heartthrob confesses to his wife “this is so weird” as they arrive at the apartment complex where he grew-up having a surreal moment as he thinks about how far he’s come since he lived there.

Hailey asks him, “does it bring back a lot of memories for you?”, he responds, “Yeah-ha, I am pulling up in a Range Rover—I would have never thought that in a million years.”

He’s forthcoming about his bout with depression and how it’s affected him —“I think being human is challenging for anybody. I think we’re all struggling to some degree. We all have our individual pains and fears and anxieties, worries.”

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It ends on a positive note with the singer exclaiming — “When you are doing what you are good at like you just feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be. I am the best in the studio or like on stage than I am anywhere else.”

The rest of the series is reserved for YouTube Premium members with new episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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