Jennifer Lopez looks toned and trimmed on her way to the gym after a killer performance with Shakira during the halftime performance at Super Bowl LIV.

The singer arrived with a bodyguard wearing a graphic cropped tee with Music, Art, Love, Happiness scripted across, a white sports bra, Niyama Sol high-waist printed leggings ($92) and accessorized with Quay x JLO ‘all in’ sunglasses ($65) and Slick white high top trainers ($325).

Lopez and Shakira took over the Hard Rock Stadium with their upbeat music and mesmerizing moves having an astounding 103 million people tune in to watch them perform. They even attracted a Million extra viewers than the actual game which brought in 102 million viewers in total.

Their success gave the singers a ‘super streaming bump’ according to Billboard who reports Lopez’s songs tallied 10.1 million streams on Feb. 2-3 — up 149% from the previous week while Shakira saw her music catalog skyrocket with 20.98 million streams and she also had the most-streamed song of the halftime show with Hips Don’t Lie.

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira See Super Streaming Bump After Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer’s impeccable body was the talk of the town with some being utterly inspired by her ability to defy her age both physically and mentally and others feeling she’s set the standard too high for women in their 50’s.

New York Times contributing writer Jennifer Weiner wrote “I feel personally judged by J. Lo’s body” claiming her performance made her feel bad about herself alongside other female viewers who exclaimed “I can’t believe she’s 50 and looks so good!” followed by “I can’t believe I’m 50 and I look so bad!”.

Jenny from the Bronx has talked in the past about purposely defying her age saying she wants to shatter the convention that once women hit their 50’s they have to hang their hats and dress a certain way.

Instead of hiding the fact, JLo made a whole tour centered around it — It’s My Party world tour was essentially a countdown to her big day — ‘Everybody thought that I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50, but for me, it was important as a woman to do that, to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life — you don’t get to write people off!’.

She shared a behind-the-scenes moments before her Halftime performance on her YouTube channel with one of the most poignant points being a prayer before hitting the stage where she seemed to have a precognition that it would be one of her best performances. As she was huddled with her dancers and the halftime fireworks display could be seen above her she ended the pre-show prayer with “Lord Jesus Christ, thank you, and we are so grateful because we are gonna rock this stadium”. And that they did.