Jane Fonda and Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, and other celebrities join forces to bring awareness to climate change and animal rights bringing Fire Drill Fridays to Los Angeles.

The Charlie’s Angels actress led the pack wearing all-red attire with Phoenix helping her carry a large Fire Drill Fridays banner wearing an ‘animal equality’ black hoodie and dark shades.  The famed actors were followed by a huge crowd headed to Los Angeles City Hall where the she was due to give a speech.

This is not the first time the actor has joined Greenpeace for the protest, he’s gone all the way to Washington D.C. shortly after receiving a Golden Globe and got detained after giving a speech. The 92nd Oscars are on Sunday and his nominated for The Joker but it seems the vegan actor has other things in mind.

His fiancée Rooney Mara and her sister Kate Mara joined the movement for the first time but did not walk alongside Joaquin during the protests.  Instead, the Mara sisters walked side-by-side blending into the crowd seamlessly carrying yellow banners that read ‘Green New Deal Now’.  The couple was only spotted together after leaving the podium together as he helped her down some steps.

Musician Moby was spotted as he was taking video with a ‘Vegan For Life’ neck tattoo as he moved through the massive crowd. Marisa Tomei and Hitch actress Amber Valletta also showed up for the cause.

Fonda spoke to Newsweek about why she is passionate about he cause and thinks it’s good for Hollywood to be involved — “every single person should be playing a role,” she said.  “And when people are in Hollywood, especially the actors in Hollywood, they have a platform. So that platform can be used, and it’s always best that it be used in the context of an organization. I don’t act alone. When I decided to go to Washington, I immediately called Greenpeace. I’ve been working in the embrace of Greenpeace.”

Hollywood has answered the call with several celebrities including Diane Lane, Lily Tomlin, Ted Danson, Sally Field, Marisa Tomei, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and others putting themselves out there for the cause — they have a message to deliver — climate change is real, and we need to something about it.