Keanu Reeves looks happy as he is spotted leaving Matrix 4 set after a day of extensive shooting in the streets of San Francisco.

The actor was pictured wearing a white robe while carrying a black leather book with Matrix written across it (we’re guessing it’s the movie script) as he films 2021 most anticipated sci-film with Carrie-Anne Moss.

Keanu had several wardrobe changes throughout the day starting with a black hooded jacket, white martial arts robe, and black slides while exiting the Omni Hotel and also wearing striped pajama with brown suede slippers as he walked to the set.

Later in the day, he changed once again, this time to head to his hotel in a black beanie, black sports coat, dark denim jeans, and riding boots. The notoriously private actor is not alone as his girlfriend Alexa Grant has been spotted with him during his time in the city.

He’s been hard at work with Carrie-Anne Moss in the fourth installment of the cult classic as the famous duo meet again in the Matrix but the full storyline of the film is still unknown.

What we do know is that Lana Wachowski is set to write and direct and San Francisco is where most of the film seems to take place but Los Angeles is also included since shooting will begin there in the upcoming weeks.

Fans have been seeing actors all across the city as it’s transformed into The Matrix with extras flying from building to building and seemingly dropping from the sky. In one of the scenes, stunt doubles “were seen leaping off the top of 44 Montgomery in the Financial District, a dizzying 43 stories from the streets below. Tethered to harnesses rigged up to a sturdy wire, one of the actors grabs the hand of their partner as they bounce in mid-air before being hoisted back to the top of the skyscraper” according to SFGate.

It hasn’t just been stunt doubles who locals have been able to get a glimpse of but also the lead actor and his-co star who have been spotted filming scenes where Neo (Reeves) hitches a ride on the back of Trinity‘s (Carrie-Anne Moss) motorcycle.

In true Keanu fashion, he hasn’t missed a moment to interact with fans waving at them in between filming and stopping to sign autographs after arduous days of shooting. An Instagram user got footage of the friendly actor as he walked down the Omni San Francisco Hotel staircase when he spotted them and gave them a wave before going about his business.

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The last time Keanu and Carrie-Anne portrayed Neo and Trinity was in 2013 in The Matrix Revolutions which brought in an estimated $428 Million dollars at the box office.