The Matrix 4 continues to take over San Francisco as a mob of agents and civilians chase down Neo and Trinity in a dramatic showdown.

Hundreds of extras pictured while crossing the street during a gunfight scene with agents in black suits shooting at newcomer Eréndira Ibarra. The Mexican actress was front and center as the intense scene unfolded shooting at several extras dressed as agents who dropped dramatically to the ground.

She was wearing a cropped green jacket, black leather pants, and black knee-high boots with her hair in a futuristic style with several metal pins placed in her slicked hair.

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Keanu’s character was seen in the middle of a chase engaging in a shoot out with civilians who appear programmed to come after Neo as he tries to get away on his motorcycle.  

In a different scene, several extras leap off a large hydraulic crane and remain suspended as they jump to take chase. Director Lana Wachowski looks to be using a lot of real-life action scenes to supplement computer-generated scenes to bring this movie into the 21st century.

Most of the dangerous stunt work is being done by stunt doubles but Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have been present on set.  His stunt double was seen preparing for a scene in Neo costume before a car chase begun and was seen talking on a walkie-talkie during shooting.

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Keanu was seen on set over the weekend as he rode shotgun behind Trinity on a Ducati wearing a black coat, dark tee, black jeans, and zip-up boots, but unlike the Neo’s of the past, he was sporting facial hair which had fans puzzled and complaining he looks too much like his other iconic character John Wick.

YouTube subscriber @philipsim exclaimed, “John Wick appears in the Matrix?” while another commented “not sure why he’s rocking the John Wick look in a Matrix movie, but it’s Keanu! Doesn’t matter” — we couldn’t agree more.