Nikki Bella and Brie Bella show off their maternity style while out for lunch at Joan’s on Third in Studio City after admitting to having nearly ‘identical’ pregnancies.

The famous twins had that pregnancy glow about them as they headed inside the restaurant as Nikki caressed her belly while Brie walked beside her no doubt talking about the tuna sandwich with caper sauce popular at the joint they were headed to after admitting tuna is one of their joint cravings.

Brie was sporting a neon green tank top with black trousers featuring a black bow in the front and black high heel sandals carrying a chained tote with her hair slicked down the center. Her sister wore a burnt orange wrap dress with dark burgundy socks and Louis Vuitton Star Trail ankle boots ($1,330) carrying a Gucci bag. 

Nikki recently gushed about her pregnancy with E! News saying she’s over 16 weeks and says the baby is already is building its own personality: “Artem and I got to see our baby two days ago. Oh my goodness you guys, our baby, I know everyone feels this way, which you should, is so cute and it’s like, babies are already getting personalities,” she said in the interview. “Like, our baby was flexing for us and then you get so proud right, I’m going to brag. Our doctor was like, ‘I can’t believe the fat already around the arm.'”

As far as Brie’s pregnancy, it’s different from when she was pregnant with her first Birdie Joe Danielson, 2, since she’s mimicking her twin sister which is blowing her mind: “Everything about Nicole and I, we’re just like, we feel the same, our cravings are the same, everything is identical and it’s tripping me out because none of this is what I went through with Birdie.”

They were asked when the baby shower will be after they had lunch and went shopping responding, “I have been a bad sister, I haven’t planned it for her yet [Brie]”. When asked if they would be doing a gender reveal party they both said they want to leave it a surprise but added they just want a “healthy baby”.

They will be conducted into WWE hall of fame on April 2, 2020, in Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida as part of WrestleMania 36 week.