Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown engage in a group workout in the middle of the Coronavirus epidemic as they rekindle their romance in Florida.

The good-looking twosome was spotted working out with their friends in Palm Beach and appeared unconcerned about catching COVID-19 as they sweated side-by-side.

Cameron, 27, displayed his rock hard abs in a tiny pair of floral shorts adding a white cap to his beach look.  

Hannah, 25, looked trimmed and toned in a black sports bra and tiny black shorts wearing her long hair in a messy ponytail.

The Bachelorette stars were pictured as they did a strenuous workout that included throwing a heavy medicine ball, doing kinetic exercises, and jogging near a volleyball court.

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The young group of friends was seen ignoring pleas by health officials to engage in social distancing (staying 6ft apart from each other) as they sat huddled together on a picnic table with their water bottles close together.

They’re not the only celebrities who have come under fire for ignoring COVID-19 warnings after Vanessa Hudgens released a tone-deaf response on Instagram to the deadly virus.

The High School Musical star claimed the whole thing is a bunch of bulls**t, saying — “it’s a virus, I get it.  I respect it. But at the same time if everyone gets it, like yeah, people are going to die.  It just terrible but like inevitable.”

Her response comes on the heels of the young population not taking CDC warnings seriously and going ahead with their Spring Break plans in spite of self-isolation calls from state officials.

The CDC released new statistics which now reveal 20% of all people who are hospitalized for Coronavirus are under 40 and the belief that it doesn’t affect the very young is false.

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Tyler and Hannah appear to be self-isolating at his Florida home after the recent loss of his mother Andrea Cameron who passed from a brain aneurysm.  She flew out to Jupiter last week and was picked up at the airport by her former TV flame.

The twosome was spotted as they opened boxes on his front porch and seem to be in really good terms.  Now let’s just hope they can adhere to CDC guidelines and stay in self-isolation without their friends or personal trainer.