Keanu Reeves was spotted in January of 2009 picking up a birthday cake after having lunch at Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

In the unearthed images, he’s 45 years old wearing his signature scruffy look and a gray scarf, sportscoat, black sweater, distressed jeans, and brown riding boots.

The down-to-earth celebrity is pictured at Sweet Lady Jane bakery picking up a gourmet birthday cake carrying it carefully out of the store to his black Porsche.

The Matrix 4 actor revealed that it wasn’t until his mid-40’s that he really began to think about his ‘career future’ in an interview for GQ magazine after reflecting on becoming a massively popular action star in his 50’s.

Reeves told the magazine in 2019:  “I haven’t really thought about my career future, or what was going to happen, until really recently,” he says. But by “really recently,” he says, he means “probably my mid-40s.”

He was asked what brought on the reflection about his future as an actor answering rather bluntly–‘death’.

In the same interview, he touched on the subject of mortality as he talked about his home above the famed Sunset Strip wondering if it’s the house he’s going to die in.  He tells the author —“I didn’t think about that,” he says, “when I was 40.”

It’s no secret Reeves has endured hardship in his life dealing with the death of his best friend River Phoenix in 1993, the loss of his daughter with girlfriend Jennifer Syme in 1999, the untimely death of Syme’s in 2001, and his sister Kim Reeve‘s battle with Leukemia for a decade.

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A doppelgänger has emerged from Brazil resembling the actor so much that he claims he is often confused for the beloved actor, but the similarity ends there since the look-a-like says it helps him flirt with girls which is the polar opposite of the actor who has been revered for his uncanny respect towards his female fans.