Machine Gun Kelly released the music video for his single Bloody Valentine and features Megan Fox who is rumored to be romantically involved with the musician after separating from husband Brian Austin Green.

The video features Fox as the ‘bloody valentine’ who is MGK‘s love interest that he can’t have but can’t get out of his head who ends up electrocuting him in the bathtub at the end.

The lyrics of Bloody Valentine include:

In my head, in my head
I couldn’t hear anything you said but
In my head, in my head
I’m calling you girlfriend, what the fuckI don’t do fake love, but I’ll take some from you tonight
I know I’ve got to go but I might just miss the flight
I can’t stay forever, let’s play pretend
And treat this night like it’ll happen again
You’ll be my bloody valentine tonight

In my head in my head
I’m laying naked with you, yeah
In my head, in my head
I’m ready to die holding your hand

The release of the music video comes after reports surfaced that the musician and the Transformers actress began a romantic relationship after meeting on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass last year.

Brian Austin Green confirmed the separation from Fox, revealing on his podcast that after she came back from filming with MGK, she was distant and didn’t seem like herself. At first, he believed that it was because she was jet-lagged but later confronted the actress when she admitted that she wanted a separation.

According to Us Magazine, ‘now that they have more free time, the pair have been “spending more and more time together,” and while their relationship began platonic, it turned into something more romantic’.