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Woody Harrelson as ‘Cletus Kasady’ On the Set of ‘Venom 2’ in California

Woody Harrelson dressed in costume as Cletus Kasady aka 'Carnage' on the set of Venom 2 filming in Oakland, California.https://youtu.be/S6XZdUWnyuMHe was spotted...

SPOILER ALERT: New Dramatic Footage of ‘The Matrix 4’ in San Francisco

The Matrix 4 continues to take over San Francisco as a mob of agents and civilians chase down Neo and Trinity in a dramatic showdown.https://youtu.be/gxcVzPiImc0

Dakota Johnson On Set of ‘Covers’ in Catalina Island Amidst Breakup Rumors

Dakota Johnson takes a chopper to film scenes on Catalina Island for 'Covers' with her mom Melanie Griffith amidst breakup rumors with Chris Martin.The 29-year actress sported a light denim pinstripe jumper and Gucci...

Jim Carrey at Odd Funeral On Set of ‘Kidding’ with Frank Langella

Jim Carrey and Frank Langella attend an odd funeral on the set of the Showtime series Kidding being shot aboard a WW2 ship in Los Angeles.During the scene, Jeff Pickles (Carrey) pushes a large wooden...